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On the Grid is the designer’s neighborhood guide to cities all over the USA and beyond. Originally created by Hyperakt, they’ve invited creative companies and designers around the world to join in the fun by curating their own neighborhoods. We’ve always wanted to create a city guide, so being asked to do this was a…

07 . 23 . 15

Start With Why: Simon Sinek TED Talk

We’ve watched Simon Sinek’s talk so many times and it never fails to inspire us. No matter where you’re at in your career or company, thinking through what you believe and why you believe it is ground breaking. We ask a lot of our clients to watch this video and go through the exercise to…

02 . 23 . 14

How to Become Exceptional at Your Craft

Some brilliantly simple words of wisdom from Ira Glass of “This American Life” on becoming exceptional at your craft.

02 . 03 . 14

Freelancers: Organize Project Finances With Job Book

At Knoed, we’ve been talking a lot lately about the value of sharing vs. hoarding information. We’ve learned so much from other people throughout our careers, that we want to start giving back and sharing what we’ve learned. So we’ve decided to share a business tool that we use on a daily basis. We call…

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Get Fueled

Get Fueled with Brenda Bergen of Wink Design, who curates a list of creative types that speak about their process. We’re humbled to be able to share our process amongst so many truly creative people.

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Koval T-Shirt Designs

Our office is in Ravenswood on the north side of Chicago, and we happen to be neighbors with Koval, one of the delicious distilleries in town. Our friends at Barrelmaker Printing put us in touch with them to design some new t-shirts that reflect the new Koval branding, while conveying concepts about the whiskey-making process and being located in Chicago. The work above is what what we presented…

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Square Wine Bottles by Stranger and Stranger

Square bottles take up less space but you never see them on the wine shelves. If the wine industry turned over to square instead of round bottles, we’d save almost a million trees in outer cardboard boxes alone. Not to mention savings in shipping and storage. The talented Stranger & Stranger created the icon square…

09 . 05 . 13

RFRM Jewelry Video

I’m excited to share the storytelling film and imagery Trü Studio created for my side project, RFRM Jewelry! In case you didn’t know, I make jewelry in my free time (what little there is!). I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now and the collection is constantly evolving. Everything is handpicked and handmade, and…

04 . 01 . 13

Michael McGuire: Chicago Artist Profile

Michael McGuire: Chicago Artist Profile

Last weekend, Kim and I spent some time wandering around Andersonville. We stumbled upon Scout, one of many amazing shops along Clark. I was immediately drawn to the artwork of Michael McGuire (my new favorite Chicago artist). I particularly love his pencil and India ink drawings that combine/confuse nature and urbanism. You can dive deep…

02 . 17 . 13

Keri Smith

Keri Smith

I came across a few books by Keri Smith today at The Sweden Shop and instantly became a fan. Her books remind me of the blog post I did on the book Let’s Make Some Great Art. They aren’t really books… they’re more like prompts for 100+ activities to let your inner kid go wild. They’re written…

01 . 21 . 13

Saddle Lock

Saddle Lock

If you ride a bicycle in a big city, you know how annoying it can be to carry locks, chain your wheels to the frame and remove your seat so it doesn’t get stolen. Well, forget all that. Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jin Ho and Yeo Min Gu have designed this innovative system called Saddle…

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2012 Inspiration

2012 Inspiration

Happy New Year! 2012 was a year full of great design. I keep a folder on my desktop called “2012 Inspiration,” and collect things I drool over all year long. But why hoard all this goodness for myself? So I decided to create a post for everyone to share. A big kudos to everyone who…


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