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Tru Studio is the photography and video team of Steve and Anne Truppe. They came to us in need of a brand refresh and design for their self promotional materials. We worked with them to create a new logo, icon, color palette, font system, pattern, promotional mailers and email template. The first mailer was a 2-sided piece that…

01 . 11 . 16


This adventure we call Knoed serendipitously started on 1/11/11 and today marks 5 complete rotations of us working together around the sun. We started our studio in the 2nd bedroom of our condo, working alongside the washing machine until we could afford to rent a couple desks in a coworking space nearby. Two years later, we moved…

01 . 04 . 16


Our work for Hannah’s Bretzel was recently exhibited by Communication Arts online and will be printed in their March/April 2016 mag! Check out the feature or see the full case study.

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Hannah’s Bretzel is a gourmet sandwich shop with 6 locations downtown Chicago. They make insanely tasty food, provide healthier nutrition on-the-go, and do it with the smallest environmental footprint possible. After being in business for 8 years, they brought us in to evaluate, evolve and maintain their brand experience. Keeping with their minimal, modern aesthetic,…

10 . 26 . 15

Communication Arts Fresh Feature

We’re extremely honored to be given a Fresh feature by Communication Arts! It’s a publication we hold in the highest regard, and to be included really is a dream come true. We couldn’t have gotten where we are without our awesome clients, and we’re so happy with how the writeup honors them. The last 4+ years has…

09 . 28 . 15


Our logos for Nuvango and British American Household Staffing were included in the latest book by Counter-Print, ‘Modern Heraldry: Seals, Stamps, Crests & Shields‘. It’s a comprehensive and illustrated guide to more than 350 trademarks, based on heraldic symbology, from agencies all over the world including Anagrama, Atipus, Bielke+Yang, Olle Eksell, Toko, Paris+Hendzel Studio, dn&co., Firmalt, Tsto, Werklig,…

08 . 17 . 15


On the Grid is the designer’s neighborhood guide to cities all over the USA and beyond. Originally created by Hyperakt, they’ve invited creative companies and designers around the world to join in the fun by curating their own neighborhoods. We’ve always wanted to create a city guide, so being asked to do this was a…

07 . 31 . 15


Nuvango is an online art gallery and manufacturer of fine prints and products. Located in Toronto, we worked with Nuvango, formerly GelaSkins, to design a new look to convey the company’s new vision. Starting from a blank canvas (pun!), we crafted a minimalistic visual identity to complement various works of art, while upholding a recognizable brand…

07 . 23 . 15

Start With Why: Simon Sinek TED Talk

We’ve watched Simon Sinek’s talk so many times and it never fails to inspire us. No matter where you’re at in your career or company, thinking through what you believe and why you believe it is ground breaking. We ask a lot of our clients to watch this video and go through the exercise to…

06 . 17 . 15

AIGA Small Talks IV: Knoed Creative

6pm Reception 6:30pm Presentation Tickets Members $20 Students $10 Nonmembers $40 About Small Talks AIGA Chicago Small Talks are intimately scaled events offering attendees the opportunity to learn about business practices, view work and experience environments at local studios and firms first-hand. About Knoed Knoed is the creative studio of husband and wife duo, Kim…

03 . 19 . 15

Newcity Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2015

Newcity Design chose Kim as 1 of 50 top influencers in Chicago for 2015 for her work with CreativeMornings. We’re surprised, honored and excited all at the same time! We especially like that we were able to get our hint published in hopes of getting Stephanie Izard, Ira Glass or Jeanne Gang up on stage. One can…

02 . 10 . 15

News: Start Me Up!

We just got word that our branding work for Outpost General Store and British American Household Staffing was recently published in the book “Start Me Up!”, a comprehensive look at innovative corporate design for a new generation. The book is available for purchase here.


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