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Novum is one of the leading graphic design magazines in Europe and puts a strong emphasis on special papers, print finishings and special printing techniques. Issues are published monthly, featuring the best in contemporary graphic design, illustration, photography and typography, as well as spotlighting new talent and the latest trends. We’re honored to have our work for…

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At the end of last year, we were contacted by 99u to share a time when we made a big move in our careers. We both thought of the same answer right away, but it was personal and we weren’t sure if we should share so much, especially on a platform as big as 99u. But…

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Interview with Kim Knoll

Fine art portrait photographer and super nice human, Katherine Hannah, came over recently to interview Kim for her Inspired Chicago series. We sipped on coffee, showed her some work and agreed that behind in front of the lens is always a bit uncomfortable. But fun! Here’s the result of that day in photos and words….

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Once in a while we get asked how we were able to get away from agency work and attract small business and startup clients of our own. It’s a great question! And one that deserves a thoughtful answer since there are a few factors involved. These are the things that worked for us. You do…

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This adventure we call Knoed serendipitously started on 1/11/11 and today marks 5 complete rotations of us working together around the sun. We started our studio in the 2nd bedroom of our condo, working alongside the washing machine until we could afford to rent a couple desks in a coworking space nearby. Two years later, we moved…

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On the Grid is the designer’s neighborhood guide to cities all over the USA and beyond. Originally created by Hyperakt, they’ve invited creative companies and designers around the world to join in the fun by curating their own neighborhoods. We’ve always wanted to create a city guide, so being asked to do this was a…

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Start With Why: Simon Sinek TED Talk

We’ve watched Simon Sinek’s talk so many times and it never fails to inspire us. No matter where you’re at in your career or company, thinking through what you believe and why you believe it is ground breaking. We ask a lot of our clients to watch this video and go through the exercise to…

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How to Become Exceptional at Your Craft

Some brilliantly simple words of wisdom from Ira Glass of “This American Life” on becoming exceptional at your craft.

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Freelancers: Organize Project Finances With Job Book

At Knoed, we’ve been talking a lot lately about the value of sharing vs. hoarding information. We’ve learned so much from other people throughout our careers, that we want to start giving back and sharing what we’ve learned. So we’ve decided to share a business tool that we use on a daily basis. We call…

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Get Fueled

Get Fueled with Brenda Bergen of Wink Design, who curates a list of creative types that speak about their process. We’re humbled to be able to share our process amongst so many truly creative people.

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Triennale Design Museum

Triennale Design Museum

After reading about the Triennale Design Museum on Design Sponge’s Milan City Guide, we were excited to put it on our must-do list. The museum has no permanent installations — while some special exhibits are rotated out monthly, other exhibits are renewed annually. Every year, the museum closes for a month to allow the presentation…

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AIGA Chicago Small Talk Film

In celebration of Chicago Design Week, AIGA Chicago asked us to create a short film about who we are, what we do and any advice we have for emerging designers. We had never made a video on our own before, so it was a challenge. But we had a lot of fun filming the city…


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