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New Work: Echo Vie

Echo Vie is a natural, nontoxic skincare brand created by Susie Lee, a three time cancer survivor. Her health issues inspired her to become more conscious of what she was putting in and on her body, which led her to creating these products.

Susie hired us to turn her logo and packaging into something she could be proud of. After looking into her competition, it was clear that there is a pattern in the skincare industry to use a clean, minimal and clinical aesthetic, and it’s common practice to use a standard, rectangular shaped box.

We wanted to design something different that would stand out on the shelf. Honoring the artisanal quality and plant-based ingredients of her oils and balms, we drew an illustration of a plant that would become a main element in her packaging. We chose Mohawk Loop Feltmark Ivory paper for its texture and warmth. The gold was chosen to complement the ivory and black, and to elevate the look as a premium product. We were meticulous about choosing the right gold so that the metallic sheen of the labels would match the foil stamp on the boxes. Inspired by the shape of the V, we worked with Rohner Press to draft up die lines for triangular boxes, with scores down one side so they can lay flat in storage. After seeing prototypes of the boxes, we learned there are two benefits by going with a triangular shape: 1) the three sides are wider than the four sides on a standard box which allows the art and type to become larger and more visible and 2) the box is much more sturdy; the paper feels much thicker than it really is. The lip balm box is fun in that you can lay it down or stand it up to display, giving two different looks.

In the end, we helped Susie establish a brand strategy, created a product naming system and completely redesigned the visual identity, logo, icon, packaging, labels, business cards, notecards and sales sheet. Our goal was to elevate her brand to feel more premium, artisanal, warm, sensory and unique. The combination of the textured paper, hand-drawn illustration, triangular boxes and gold foil is an unexpected look for the skincare industry.

Photos by Tru Studio and Dane Tashima

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